Friday, 4 January 2013

*2013* Happy New Year Everyone!

I think everybody should have at least one target in his/her life... it won't hurt to dream though! 

My 2013 new resolutions:

Cat is my main character in 2013.

To get fit again. Will try my best to visit my gym regularly...

To seek more knowledge (the light of my journey) - fiddunya wal-akhirah.

To challenge myself to read more and write more (genres). I want to publish more books this year!

To spread more love through my work and believe in myself. (No one will believe in us unless we start to believe in OURSELVES!)

To travel more and make new friends.

To be a better person in this life and hereafter. Insya-Allah... .

I dream of piloting the hot air ballon (because fighter jet need a license, haha...)

Well, these are mine. What about you?... .

Mazny M.R.

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